Biofuel - the green alternative

From Spring 2019, we will be running the main engines, generators and boilers aboard MV Red Falcon exclusively on biofuel. This is expected to dramatically cut the amount of harmful SOX, NOX, CO2 and soot particles in the exhaust gas when compared to using low-sulphur marine diesel.

The extended trial aboard our green branded Red Falcon is designed to test the impact, if any, on equipment reliability, maintenance regimes and fuel consumption. The trial, in partnership with fuel suppliers Green Biofuels uses their Green D+ product which promisses:

  • lower NOX, SOX, CO2 and soot emissions
  • renewable and sustainable
  • odourless
  • no smoke on start up
  • no deterioration in performance in normal operating environments
  • reduced maintenance due to lack of contamination in engine oils

What kind of fuel do ships normally use?
Red Funnel switched to using more expensive 0.1% low sulphur diesel fuel in 1996 to power its entire fleet. Only recently has this fuel become mandatory in European waters where the use of intermediate and heavy fuel oil is banned. The move has saved many tonnes of sulphur being released into the atmosphere over the years which has been good news for the Isle of Wight, Southampton, and people living along Southampton Water. Red Funnel's ro-pax ships use approximately 430 litres of Low Sulphur diesel per single trip to power the main engines, generators and boilers.

How can you save fuel?
Our ro-pax ferries and Hi-Speed Red Jet vessels are operated at their most economical engine settings to reduce emissions and minimise fuel consumption.

To find out more about our commitment to becoming a greener business visit our Environment web page.